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Teachers' Bulletin Board

Conferences and Organizations

British Columbia Association of Math Teachers.
Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers' Association
Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers' Association
Manitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers
Ontario Association of Mathematics Education
Québec English Schools Network
Association des promoteurs de l'avancement de la mathématique à l'élémentaire
Groupe des Responsables en Mathématique au Secondaire
Nova Scotia Mathematics Teachers Association
The Mathematics Special Interest Council of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group

Newsletters and Periodicals

Crux Mathematicorum
a publication of the Canadian Mathematical Society, is a problem- solving journal at the senior secondary and university undergraduate levels for those who practise or teach mathematics.

The Math Journal
The Manitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers

Pi in the sky
- Semi-annual Publication for High School Students
- Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Online Journal of School Mathematics
- An NCTM journal that presents ideas for teaching and learning mathematics at all grade levels.



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