Subject: math Question
Name: Amanda
Who are you: Other (All)

I was on some contest site and there were a lot of people disagreeing about the answer to a question, Some were saying it's 414, 90 and 114. The question was 16X27+32÷4-26. I was just wanting your input. Cause i know there are not brackets, so if i were to solve the question i would say its 90.



Hi Amanda.

The order that you should figure out calculations like this follow a pattern we often simply call "BEDMAS". That's an acronym for Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. So you simplify whatever is in brackets first, then deal with exponents, and so on. You can find lots of other items on BEDMAS if
you type this into our search page.

If you apply the principle of BEDMAS to your equation


then there are no (B)rackets or (E)xponents, but there is (D)ivision,

so 32÷4 = 8:

then do (M)ultiplication. 16x27 = 432. Put that in:


next is (A)ddition: 432+8 = 440.


and last is subtraction. So 440-26 = 414.

Some people who don't know their math write contest questions, unfortunately. I've seen this quite a few times on "skill testing questions" for contests on wrappers of candy or at hamburger chain restaurants. They often assume that the order you should do it is simply from left to right, but this isn't how it works mathematically. It's too bad, but it is a fact that the adults who write these "skill-testing questions" and come up with their official answers sometimes have less skill than most kids in middle school!

Stephen La Rocque.>