From: Beth, a parent

Hi....I am trying to figure out how much sand I will need for ground cover under my children's playset.  The area to cover is 30' x 30' and I want 4 inches of sand.  Please help.....I've asked all of my kids and none of them can help me......

Hi Beth,

Building supply agencies sell sand in "yards" by which they mean cubic yards. Thus you need to calculate the volume using yards. There are 3 feet in a yard and 12 inches in a foot so your dimensions, in yards are:

30 ft ( 1y/3f ) = 10 yards on each side. The depth is 4 inches ( 1f/12in ) ( 1y/3f ) = 1/9 yard deep.

Thus the volume is: 10 10  1/9 11.1 cubic yards.

So you should probably order about 11 "yards" of sand.


[Thank you to our alert reader Kevin, who identified an error in the original version of this quandary!]