My name is Brad and I am a student.
This is for my grade 12 calculus class!

x3 + 64m3 and 125p3 - q6

Thank you


Hi Brad,

I am going to factor a similar expression, 8x3 - 27y3

Much of factoring has to do with pattern recognition, looking at an expression or pattern and recognizing something. In the expression 8x3 - 27y3 what I see is that everything is a cube

x3 and y3 are cubes but also 8 = 23 and 27 = 33


8x3 - 27y3 = (2x)3 - (3y)3

I know how to factor a difference of cubes

a3 - b3 = (a - b)(a2 + ab + b2)


(2x)3 - (3y)3 = (2x - 3y)( 4x2 + 6xy + 9y2)

Now try your two problems.