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I need help with a question, please. It's a middle level, and I am a student. Thanks.

George's car gets 3 more miles per gallon during highway driving that it does during city driving. Recently he drove 112 miles on a highway and 150 miles in the city and used exactly 10 gallons of gas. How many miles per gallon does his car get during city driving??

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Let c = the number of city miles George gets per gallon. Then if he drives 150 miles in the city, his car burns 150/c gallons doing so.

Now let h = the number of highway miles George gets per gallon. If he drives 112 miles on the highway, he uses 112/h gallons doing so.

But you are told that h = c + 3, so let's substitute "c + 3" in place of the "h". So George's car burns 112/(3 + c) gallons on the highway.

Since George used up 10 gallons in all for his trip, then you know that
150/c + 112/(3+c) = 10.

Now you have an equation with just one variable in it. Re-arrange it to solve for c - that's the answer you are seeking.

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