Name: cavell
Who is asking: Student
Level of the question: Middle

Question: i got a question i look everywhere i can think of on the internet and can't find anything to explain how to figure out this problem.

what the number is 8/11 of 900?

i looked in my math book but it doesn't explain how to figure it out, i found other problems like it but no idea how to solve them(under least common multiple section).it its there i don't understand them.



I expect that you question should be

What number is 8/11 of 900?

Ask yourself

What number is 1/2 of 900?

The answer is 450, but how did you get that answer? I expect that you divided 900 by 2 or, in other words, you multiplied 900 by 1/2. What about

What number is 2/9 of 900?

Well, one-ninth of 900 is 100 so two-ninths is 200. Again you could find this by multiplying 900 by 2/9. So what about

What number is 8/11 of 900?

Multiplying 900 by 8/11 I get

900 8/11 = 7200/11 or in decimal form 654.5454...