my name is Christina
middle school level question
I am the student asking the question.

The Question is...

What names are known for the quarter circle shape?

I have hunted every website I could find but still could not find another name other than quarter circle & quadrant, but discovered this could also relate to the 4 pieces that make up a square also.
as our homework, 4 pupils, including myself were given one quarter circle shaped plastic piece and asked to find out the name of this shape.

thank you for any help.




I'd agree: quadrant is it...

Unless the size is unimportant. Then "sector" is probably the best word.

Stephen La Rocque>


Quadrant has my vote also. I checked in the Oxford English Dictionary and got:

A quarter of a circle or circular body, viz. (a) an arc of a circle, forming one fourth of the circumference; (b) one fourth of the area of a circle, contained within two radii at right angles.

A thing having the form of a quarter-circle.