I am trying to estimate how many cubic yards of concrete I will need to pave my driveway. I have an area that is 30 ft wide by 25 ft long and then goes into an area that is 10 ft wide by 219 foot long. I would like to make this 4 inches thick. How many cubic yards of concrete will it take to do this?


Hi Diane,

The volume of a rectangular slab is the length times the width times the thickness. Since you want the volume on cubic yards, change all the measurements to yards before calculating the volume.

The first slab is 30 ft by 25 ft by 4 inches which is 30/3 = 10 yards by 25/3 yards by 4/36 yards. Thus the volume os

10 25/3 4/36 = 9.3 cubic yards

Similarly the volume of the second slab is

10/3 219/3 4/36 = 27.0 cubic yards.

Hence you need about 37 cubic yards of concrete.