my name is Jenny and I am in Fourth grade and so not understand this math problem. Can you help?

25+36+12=52+m, m=


Hi Jenny,

"m" is the replacement for a number that you have to figure out.

I'll show you how to solve this with simpler numbers so you'll see how to do it.

5+11+7=19+m, m=?

When you add the first three numbers, you get 23. So 23 = 19 + m and you need to figure out what number m is. So what number do you add to 19 to get 23? You can subtract: 23 - 19 = 4. So m=4 in this example.

You have to be careful with your own problem, because the numbers are bigger, but the process is the same.

I hope this helps you.
Stephen La Rocque>