I have no idea how to find the square feet of an uneven polygon. I am in the process of making a land agreement and need to know.
Please tell me how to figure out the footage and acreage of land as follows.
road-front 360'
back 360'
left side 220'
right side 180'





Finding the area of an irregular polygon with more that three sides is not as easy as it might seem. The problem arises from the fact that the lengths of the sides does not determine the shape. Even in the situation where all sides are of the same length the polygon might have quite different shapes and quite different areas.

In your situation, with different length sides the situation is even more complicated.

To determine the area of your lot I need enough information to determine its shape. The size of one of the angles will suffice or the length of a diagonal, but without this information I can't offer any help.