I'm am trying going to put mulch around the tree in my front yard. I am going for 6" deep and 4069.44 sq. in. around.
How many yards of dirt will I need?

I am a grown woman (homeowner) in need of help. I would think this is a 10 - 12 grade question.

Thank you,



Hi Melba,

It looks from your calculations that you have a circular region around the tree with a radius of 36 inches (1 yard) and you want to put 6 inches of mulch in this region. The area of this region is then

r2 = 3.14 362 = 4069.44 square inches.

If you had used the radius in yards (1 yard) then the area calculation would be

r2 = 3.14 12 = 3.14 square yards.

To find the volume of mulch you need to multiply by the thickness (again in yards). There are 36 inches in a yard so

6 inches = 6/361/6 yards.

Thus the volume of mulch you need is

3.14  1/6 = 0.523 cubic yards

or approximately one half a cubic yard.