Our school is looking to order a large amount of math manipulatives. Do you have a reliable, reasonably priced source that is not producing 'kits' that are intended for specific math programs like Math Makes Sense?




Hi Mike,

The following company has all the manipulatives you could possibly want. Exclusive Educational Products at http://www.exclusiveeducational.ca.

I am math/science consultant for K-8 for Regina Catholic Schools and a number of years ago we purchased manipulatives. The ones we have in our elementary schools are: base 10 blocks, pattern blocks, fraction blocks, linking cubes, geoboards, integer tiles, algebra tiles.

I have found over the years, that if the manipulatives are packaged in individual Ziploc bags for students, teachers are more likely to use them.

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Spectrum Educational (in Ontario) has an on-line catalogue and a good range of materials fitting many programs. Their web site is:

Walter Whiteley