Dear Sir

We would like to know the conversion of 1 gm of cream/powder to ml.

Thank you



Grams are mass measurements but milliliters are volume measurements, so the answer to your question depends on the density of the cream or powder.

The density of water is 1 g/ml, so 10 g of water is 10 ml of water. The density of wax is about 0.9 g/ml, the density of lead is around 11.4 g/ml, honey is 1.4 g/ml, loose corn starch is about 0.6 g/ml.

So you'll need to find the density of your cream or powder in order to convert from mass to volume.

There is a web site in the UK that has densities of some dry materials so I looked there on the chance that you are asking about powdered cream. they give the density of powdered milk as 449 Kg/cubic meter which is 0.449 gm/ml and hence 1 gm of powdered milk is 2.2 ml.

Hope this helps,
Stephen and Penny