I'm having a porch,the measurement is 3in.deepx10ft.wide x52ft.long how many yards is that i need? the concrete truck wont deliver unless it 5yards or more.Cant do the figure how they do it.

Thank for all your help
if you could tell me how the measurement work.


Hi Sherry. To calculate this, convert all your measurements to yards first, then multiply them together:

3 inches = 3/36 = 1/12 of a yard
10 ft = 10/3 of a yard
52 ft = 52/3 of a yard

1/12 10/3 52/3 = 520 / 108 = 4.81 cubic yards of concrete

Once you add a little allowance for waste, ordering 5 yards sounds about right.

Hope this helps,
Stephen La Rocque.