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Who's Asking - Employee

Please forgive the simplicity of this question. I know the answer, but I need a formula to validate my answer.

Given the percentage and the total amount, I need to know how to arrive at the total amount without guessing.

Example: 25\% of what is $298,750.00

Hope the question is clear



Hi Terrence.

You asked "25% of what is $298,750.00?"

Let's rewrite this in algebraic form. Translating
your statement to mathematical language...

"25%" is 25/100 or 0.25
"of" means times
"what" is the thing you are trying to figure out. Call it X.
"is" means equals in math.
298 750.00


0.25 X = 298 750

If you divide both sides of this equation by 0.25, it cancels
from the left hand side, leaving just X, so:

X = 298 750 / 0.25 = $1 195 000.00

Can you see how the formula works now?
Hope this helps,
Stephen La Rocque.