Name: Tracy
I don't really get this question i received in class:
A $4500 bill is presented, without tax. 10% discount coupon. Add 15% tip with 3 people spitting for the sever.


Hi Tracy,

I think you are being asked to find out how much each person is to pay. (Is the bill really $4500 or should it be $45.00?)

You should first add the tip of 15% of the bill. Thus, find 15% of the bill and add it to the bill to determine what you owe before the discount. I think you should tip the server with 15% of the entire bill not the discounted bill.

Next find 10% of of the bill (either $4500 or $45.00, whichever is correct) and subtract it from what you owe.

Finally divide by 3 to determine what each of the 3 people need to contribute.