To Whom it May Concern,
I'm a 43 yr old woman, and am a little embarrassed to admit, as I used to do this calculation all the time. Unfortunately, when I need the formula at a most pertinent time, my mind has drawn a blank as to how to go about the process of getting this kind of equation. Just to give you a little insight on what I'm trying to accomplish first off. I have an exercise routine of 'power walking', approx. 5-6 days per week. I carry a pedometer with me during these walks so that I can keep track of the distance of each walk. I've created a weekly walking chart on my computer, so each time I get back from a walk, I enter my stats, such as kilometers and miles walked that day, as well as my start and finish time. At the end of each week, before I printed out my completed chart, I would calculate out what my average walking distance was, for that particular week.

At the end of each month, I would calculate:
[1] I'd add up my total kilometers and miles walked for that month. (a no brainer ~ I could do that one!)
**But also, I would work out the percentages of the following:
[A] What my average daily distance p/walk was, for that month
[B] What my average time spent, per walk was, for that month

As I'd mentioned, I'm drawing a blank here! I used to work out these calculations easily, in the past. For some reason however, I can't seem to remember how I was able to get these percentages. Can you help me out?

Thank You For Your Consideration In This Matter,


Hi Wendy,

It doesn't look like you want percentages which may explain why you haven't found what you are looking for.

[A] Average daily distance.

To find the average daily distance walked in a particular month, say in kilometers, add the number of kilometers you walked each day in the month and then divide by the number of days that month you walked. To find the average daily distance you walked in miles, add the number of miles you walked each day and then divide, again by the number of days you walked.

[B] Average daily time.

To find the average time spent the calculation is similar. Add the time spent each day and then divide by the number of days.

I hope this helps,