Subject: Vector Problem

Please can you help?! I understand vectors generally but I can't get the correct answer to this one. Maybe my diagram is wrong, I don't know. This is the problem:

An aircraft can fly 260km/h in still air and the wind is blowing at 70km/h towards the West. In what direction should the aircraft head so that its actual velocity is on a bearing of 030 degrees?

Many thanks for any help you can give me,

Hi Ben,

I had to do some searching to find what "a bearing of 030 degrees" means but I think it is the angle from north, measures clockwise. If this is the correct meaning then the diagram I get is

Since angle NOP is 30o, angle QOP is 120o. I would then use the law of sines to find the angle OPQ and hence you can determine the angle PQO which is the direction the aircraft should head.

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