Subject: equation problem

Name: bob

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Level: All

Question: Would you be able to help me solve this math equation..

Solve for b, 2 [b - (q + s)] / q = s

hope you can help

Hi Bob,

It sometimes helps to think of an equation as a balance, with the equal sign the balance point. In your problem you have the equation

2 [b - (q + s)] / q = s

and you want to perform a sequence of valid operations and arrive at an equation of the form

b = ...

Using the balance analogy, valid operations are ones that maintain the balance. For example you can multiply both sides of the equation by the same amount. Here, multiplying both sides by q yields

2 [b - (q + s)] = sq

Next multiply both sides by 1/2 to get

b - (q + s) = sq/2

The balance is also maintained if you add the same amount to both sides, so add (q + s) to both sides to finally arrive at

b = q + s + sq/2
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