Subject: monomials

I have 2 pre-Algebra problems (from the book:Glencoe Pre-Algebra and Integrated Trasiton to Algebra & Geometry)Ęthat I don't understand and I don't remember how to do them.
Here they are:

Tokola has 5 coins with a total value of $1.05. He canot make change for a dollar, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cent, or 50 cents. What 5 coins does he have?


Determine whether 6c-d is a monmial. Explain why or why not.

thank you


Make a list of the coins that Tokola could possibly have.

Dollar coins      
Half dollar coins      

  • He can't have a dollar coin, since if he did he would also have to have a nickle or 5 pennies. In either case the number of coins he has wouldn't be 5.

  • He can't have any pennies. If he did he would need at least five pennies since his total is $1.05. With 5 pennies he could make change for 5 cents.

  • He can't have any nickles. If he did he could keep one nickle and the rest would make change for a dollar.

  • He can has at most 1 quarter. If he had two he could make change for 50 cents.

Thus his list of possible coins is:

Dollar coinsNone
Half dollar coins?
QuartersAt most 1

Can you make $1.05 using 5 coins from the list possible coins?

For the second problem look in the index of the book for the definition of monomial. Does 6c-d fit the definition?

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