My child is working through basic operations, and gave this problem:

23 + 17 * 2 / 8 + 11 = 13

The teacher wants the parenthesis to be put in the right places to come up with 13. My father is a former math teacher, and he could solve, I asked a couple of financial engineer I work with and they could get it. Now I'm asking you, please help. Other wise I will have to kill the teacher.


Hi David,

The answer expected is probably

[23 + (17*2)]/(8+11) = (1)(3)

When I first looked at it I thought there must be a misprint. If 13 is a misprint and should be 3 then:

[23 + (17*2)]/(8+11) = 3

If with *2 being a misprint then:

2(3+1)7/(8+11) = 247/19 = 13

The point of these exercises is to show how important parentheses are. The students who do not realize this have lots of problem in high school algebra.

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