Name: jamie

Who is asking: Student
Level: Secondary

please help as soon as possible! i am stuck with some terms in a sequence. the terms are 1st term=1, 2nd term=10, 3rd term=35, 4th term=84, 5th term=165, 6th term=286. can anyone tell me the formula for the nth term? n is term number

Hi Jamie,

1st term (3.2.1)/(3.2.1) = 1
2nd term (5.4.3)/(3.2.1) = 10
3rd term (7.6.5)/(3.2.1) = 35
4th term (9.8.7)/(3.2.1) = 84
5th term (11.10.9)/(3.2.1) = 165
6th term (13.12.11)/(3.2.1) = 286

Now can you find the nth term?

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