Name: Julia
Grade: 3

My perimeter is 12 cm. My sides are all equal. The sum of half my sides is equal to 6 cm. How many sides do I have? What is my name?

Please help

Hi Julia,

I imagine that I am trying to make this shape. The perimeter is 12 cm, so I imagine that I have a 12 cm piece of string.

Since "The sum of half my sides is equal to 6 cm.", cut the string in half get two pieces, each 6 cm long.

Since two sides are not enough to make a shape and "My sides are all equal.", cut each piece in half again to get 4 pieces of length 3cm each. Put the 4 pieces together to form a shape. Do you know what it is called?

I suppose that you could put the pieces together like this.

Do you know what this is called?

You could even cut each of the two 6 cm pieces into 3, to get 6 pieces of length 2 cm, and then form a shape.

I like this question because there are lots of correct answers.

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