hi I am a high school student and the other day I got an interesting e-mail that IM sure you have heard before but ill tell you anyways. 3 men give 10 dollars each to a pizza deliver driver and when he gets back to his work the manager says to the pizza driver the bill was actually 25 dollar so he has to returns 5 dollars. on his way to the mens house he the driver decides to kept 2 dollars for himself and he gives 1 dollar back to each of the men. So each one of the men actually paid 9 dollars. but 9 times 3 is 27 plus the other 2 that the driver took equals 29 so where did the other dollar go. I would appreciate and sort of answer.


Hi Meghan,

This is a great puzzler, but I have most often heard it in the situation of a bellhop in a hotel. I like the more current situation with the pizza delivery. You can find a solution if you search in the Quandaries and Queries section of Math Central for the word bellhop.

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