My name is Melissa.

My question is a grade level of 6th grade.
I am a student.

My question is What in real life is the shape of a rhombus?

Hi Melissa,

The first thing that comes to mind is a kite. Also if you are sitting in the stands looking at a baseball diamond then the perspective makes the diamond look like a rhombus.

You can tile the plane with rhombuses so you often see them in quilts or sometimes in stained-glass windows.

In three dimensions the rhomboid dodecahedron is one of the 'space filling' shapes that come up - and the typical face of a zonahedron (the general form of a crystal in any dimension) is a parallelogram. Lots of them are, in fact, rhombi. One such example is a topaz, a gem stone that has a face in the shape of a rhombus.

Chris and Walter
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