secondary student

I mistakenly divided a number by 5 when I should have multiplied by 5. FInd my percent of error.

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How many odd numbers are between 10 and 9,999 from the digits 0-9 if each digit is used once per number.

Hi Michael,

For your first question imagine that the number is N. You calculated N/5 when you should have calculated 5N. Thus your error was 5N - N/5. The question being asked is:

5N - N/5 is what percent of 5N?

If X is the answer then the answer can be worded:

5N - N/5 is X percent of 5N.
5N - N/5 = (X/100) 5N
Solve for X.

For problem 2, consider the question "How many odd numbers are between 0 and 9,999 if each digit is used once per number?" Answer this question and then remove the numbers from 0 to 9 that you don't want to include.

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