Mr Jones's garden has an area of 21 squares meters. He wants to increase its size by 1/2. Draw a picture to show what his new garden might look like. Be sure to give the new area and demensions, and show your reasoning.

My name is Janeth Rojas I'm a mother trying to help my kid with her homework. She is in 6th grade.

Thank you for your answer

Hi Janeth,

You haven't said what shape the garden has so I am going to assume that it is a rectangle. You don't know the dimensions of the rectangle, only its area, so I am going to say the dimensions are 3 meters by 7 meters. You want to add a piece that is half the area of the existing garden. There are many ways you can do this.

I would first draw a rectangle to represent the garden.

Next divide it in half, make a second copy of one of the halves, and add it to the garden. In the diagram below I have shaded the second copy of half the garden a different colour. You can find the dimensions yourself.

You might, of course, have divided the garden a different way


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