Subject: Golf Schedule

I'm having a problem scheduling matches for a golf vacation. We have 12 people playing 7 rounds of golf in 7 days. We play 2 man teams vs. 2 man teams everyday.Is there a formula so that you play WITH a different partner everyday and AGAINST as many different people as possible? Thank You for any help you may be.

Hi Michael,

Scheduling questions such as yours do not always have nice answers. I can show you a way to guarantee that each player has a different partner each day, even if you were playing for eleven days. Selecting which seven of the eleven day schedule you use will require some subjective decisions.

Day 1:
Number the players from 1 to 12 and draw the diagram below.

If two people are connected by a line segment in the diagram, they are partners. If two sets of partners are connected by line segments of the same colour, they are opponents. Thus on day 1 we have

1 and 124 and 9
2 and 115 and 8
3 and 106 and 7

Day 2:
Rotate the numbers on the outside of the circle one unit counterclockwise.

Schedule for day 2

2 and 125 and 10
1 and 36 and 9
4 and 117 and 8

Continue to rotate the numbers, one unit each day to generate an eleven day schedule.

Choose any seven days.

Something notice is that there are three matches each day and each match involves four players. Hence in the next day's matches, at least two of these people must be involved in the same match.

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