How do you figure a percent. Say you want to buy a car listed for 21,500. You tell the dealer you want to pay 19,600. The dealer says they'll sell it to you for 20,450. how do you figure what the percent is between 20,450 & 19,600?


Hi Steph,

I am not quite sure what you are looking for. I am going to assume that you are looking for the "discount" as a percent.

The list price is $21,500 and you want to purchase the car for $19,600. That is you want a discount of $21,500 - $19,600 = $1,900. This discount, as a percentage of the list price is

 1900/21500 x 100 = 8.8%

The dealer has countered with a price of $20,450, that is he is only willing to give a discount of

 (21500 - 20450)/21500 x 100 = 4.9%

I hope this helps,
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