Hey, can you show me how you do ..

(2xy)to the 3rd power (x) to the 2nd power?


(2xy)3 is short for

(2xy)(2xy)(2xy). This can be rearranged to (2)(2)(2)(x)(x)(x)(y)(y)(y)

x2 is short for

(x)(x) Thus (2xy)3x2

= (2)(2)(2)(x)(x)(x)(y)(y)(y)(x)(x)

= 8(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(y)(y)(y)

= 8 x5y3

The exact same steps are easier to write down if you know the rules of exponents.


= 23x3y3x2

= 23x3x2y3

= 8 x5y3

I hope this helps,
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