My name is Adrie

My question is elementary and I am a student Please help me with the following conundrum, as it is driving me crazy.

'When the letters in the alphabet are given values from 1 to 26 for A to Z, can you make up a word that adds up to 1000000 ( one million )-used as a multiplication?'

Like 'cat' would be 3*1*20 = 60

Thank you very much in advance

Hi Adrie,

I'm past my heyday, so I cannot do this as well as I used to. HEYDAY is 8*5*25*4*1*25 which is 100000, just one 0 off the mark. The trick is to only use letters whose numerical value is a factor of 1000000:

A (1), B (2), D (4), E (5), H (8), J (10), P (16), T (20) and Y (25) and then test your vocabulary until you find something that fits the bill. (The letter A is very useful since you can use it as many times as you like)


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