I am a Grade 9 student from Ontario Canada who has never understood how to do integers very well. I was wondering if you would be able to either send me some sites that will tell me how to calculate them in a simple way or if you would be able to write me back and give me some pointers.

Hi, I got this response to your question from Leeanna. Harley,

My recent meanderings through cyberspace lead me to the following site: http://www.purplemath.com/modules/modules.htm It is really good algebra site which begins with such preliminary topics as number types and how to deal with negative numbers. This inquiry on integers is probably mainly about negative numbers so I thought of this site. It might be helpful. The topics are set out with good examples and thorough explanations. In fact I have used this site to prepare lessons on polynomials. Have a look, and if you think it useful, pass it on to this student.


I looked at the sight and it is for students in algebra but the section called Negative Numbers is really good. Look at that section and see if it helps.

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