Dear Math Central,

My name is Asad and I am in year 7(middle level).I always like to go ahead of my class(so I already know year 7 and 8 maths).I have learnt equations which are higher than years 7 and 8,now I am learning Trigonometry.I know what it is but I cannot solve Trig Equations.So can you please explain to me how to solve trig Equations,e.g sin(x)=x4+12/2+cos(x)=x6+9/3= (if this can be solved).I can see that Trigonometry is very important.I hope you can help me.Thankyou for your time.

Hi Asad,

In general there is no algebraic wy to solve an equation involving x and cos(x). An approximate solution can be found, for example by successive approximations. Ther is an example in the third part of a question I answered earlier concerning the equation cos(x) = x + (1/2). With your equation above, I get a bit confused: is 12/2 equal to 6, or is 2 dividing the whole of x4+12 ? and what is the = doing at the end?

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