Cass -
secondary - student

if the graph of a equation is 2x2 - y2 = 8 passes through point (6,k), find the positive value of k.

if 5x2 - 2 x = 1, find positive value of x

Hi Cass,

The statement about the graph, "the graph of 2x2 -y2 = 8 passes through point (6,k)" means the same as the statement about the expression, "the point (6,k) satisfies the expression 2x2 - y2 = 8". Thus the statement "the graph of 2x2 - y2 = 8 passes through point (6,k)" means that the expression is a true statement if you replace x by 6 and y by k. That is

2 (62) - k2 = 8 Hence to answer the question you need to solve this expression for k and choose the positive value you find.

For the second problem you need first to realize that if 5h = 1 then h must be zero. Thus to solve this problem you need to find the positive value of x that satisfies x2 - 2 x = 0.

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