Who is asking: Student
Level: Elementary

Clyde had a strange fascination with numbers. One day he decided to mount his 4 leaf clover collection in groups of square numbers.he took a long piece of butcher paper and glue and began this arduous task.There was 1 clover,4 clovers.and then 9 clovers in the third set. what would be in the seventh set of 4 leaf clovers?

Hi Cassie,

I drew a diagram to see what Clyde was doing.

Now I understand. He is making a square of clovers in each set. In the next set (the 4th set) he will have a square arrangment of 4 clovers by 4 clovers. Thus in this set there will be 4 x 4 = 16 clovers.

Can you finish the problem now?
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