Subject: Similar triangle

Name: Dave

Who is asking: Student Level: Secondary

Question: I've been to your webpage and it was really great...
I'm year 12 student..and sir, is it okay to ask you some question??? Any suggestions as to how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Question 1 is...

I am standing on the bank of a river ( whose banks are parallel here) directly opposite a boathouse, B, on the opposite bank. I walk along the bank of the river past a signpost, S, until I reach a point C distant 60 metres from where I started walking. I then walk away from the bank, at right angles to the bank, until I reach a shady tree at D. Attached to teh tree is a sign stating that this spot is 45 metres from the signpost. C is 36 metres beyond S and B and S are in line from D.

(a) How far did I walk away from the bank of the river??

(b) Calculate the width of the river?

I know that the solution involves drawing a diagram of this but I dont know how to go about it. I can work out the answer easily once I have drawn the diagram but I just cant get my head around what it is supposed to look like.

Question 2 is...

I made some diagram so please check below

Best Regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

Here is the diagram I got for the first question.

For your second problem you missed the statement that B and C are on the same side of A.

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