A table has the measurements of 1.6m by 2m, how much material is needed to cover table? I converted to cm then multiplied but got an answer of 32000cm ,so I divide by 100 to get to metres - the answer was 320 which I know is wrong - please explain!!

Also I need to explain in my own words what an 'average' is and I am struggling.


You converted each of the two dimensions to centimeters by multiplying each by 100. You got the dimensions to be 160cms and 200cms. You then multiplied to get an area of

160cms x 200cms = 32000 centimeters x centimeters. Hence the area is 32000 square centimeters.

When you divided by 100 you changed one of the dimensions back to meters, but you need to change both of the dimensions to meters. To change 32000 square centimeters to square meters you need to divide by 100 x 100.

I am reluctant to say much about your second question as the instructions are to do this in your own words not my words. If you are struggling with this question then that is precisely what your teacher wants. When your teacher returns a test and says "the class average is 73%" what does it mean? 73% is somehow the "middle" of the grades, but middle is not exactly correct. The important task is to try to describe the average in your words. Not every question in a math class has a one number answer.

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