I'm in the middle of purchasng a vehicle and it was built in Canada. Therefore it is in kilometers and not in miles. I forgot how many kilometers are in a mile. It registers as 183,049 kilometers. thank you


My dictionary says that one kilometer is 0.621 miles so 183,049 kilometers is 183,049 x 0.621 = 113,673 miles.


Dear Dennis

There are aproximately .62 km to a mile, thus the vehicle you're looking at purchasing has about

183,049 x .62 = 113,490

miles on it. The speedometer should have km in large numbers and miles in small numbers, so observing speed limits works fine (telling police officers that your speedometer is only in km to get out of speeding tickets doesn't work at all). I usually change my oil every 5000 km which works out to 3100 miles. If you go by the sticker the service people put on your window, you'll change the oil way too often unless you add 2000 to the number every time (of course if you change oil yourself, you likely don't put an annoying sticker on your window). Other than that, there shouldn't be much difference. The safety standards for Canadian vehicles are usually higher than in the US, and for the vehicle to have been imported from Canada to the US, it had to meet all US safety standards as well.


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