I get totally confused with this problem. I get confused with the getting the lowest terms.

4/x-5 + -2/x -10/x^2-5x

Dolores 10th grade Buena HS

Thank you

Hi Dolores,

Working with algebraic fractions is very similar to working with numeric fractions. Fror example:

Write the following as one fraction in lowest terms.

 4/3 -  2/5 -  11/15 The first task is to find a common denominator, which in this case is 15. Then express each fraction with the denominator of 15 and add them.  20/15 -  6/15 -  11/153/15

To express the answer in lowest terms you need to factor both the numerator and denominator, and then cancel any common factors. (I used * for multiplication.)

 3/15 =  3/3*51/5 Thus  4/3 -  2/5 -  11/151/5

Now try the same steps with your algebraic fractions.

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