6th grade level
parent/teacher asking

Please explain how a percentage like 83.3% is changed into a fractions. The answer given is 5/6 and I changed 83.3% to a regular decimal of .833, which would be 833/1000. How do they get 5/6 from that? HELP

Thank you.

Ellie Hopf

Hi Ellie,

The given "answer" is incorrect -- .833 does NOT equal 5/6. Should anybody disagree with you, just offer that person the following deal:

Give me 5/6 of one million dollars, and I will give you back .833 of one million dollars.

You will come out $333.33 ahead.

If you want to write 5/6 as a percentage, you can write it 83.33...% (where the three dots mean "and so on"); the same thing is often written as where a bar over the last 3 that means that the 3 is repeated forever.

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