Name: Fiza

Who is asking: Parent
Level: Secondary

One particular high school encourages students to donate blood. the high school gym is set up for purpose. the distribution of blood type in north america is as follows.

Type O:44%
Type B:10%
Type A:42%
Type AB:4%

(a) what is the probability that the first two people in the line up have the same type of blood?

ANSWER: I donn't know how many people are in the line. so how can I answer this question.

(b) what us the probability thar none of the first five people in the line up have type AB blood?

Plese help me out with this question

Hi Fiza,

(a) P(the same blood type)= P(both type O) + P(both type B) + P(both type A) + P(both type AB) = (0.44*0.44)+(0.1*0.1) + (0.42*0.42) +(0.04*0.04)= 0.3816.

(b) P(1st is not AB type)*P(2nd is not AB type)*P(3rd is not AB type)*P(4th is not AB type)*P(5th is not AB type)= (1-0.04) 5 = 0.8154.


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