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Level: Elementary

A baseball team won 8 more games than it lost. If it played 56 games, how many games did it win?

On the first day of practice, Paul did 3 sit ups. On the second day he did 5, and on the the third day he did 8, and on the fourth day he did 12. If this pattern continued, how many sit-ups did ihe do on the sixth day of practice?


Here are some hints that may get you started.

If the team removed 8 of the games it won from its record, then it would have won the same number of games as it lost. If these 8 games were removed then it would have played 56 - 8 = 48 games and won half of them and lost half of them.

For the second problem Paul did more sit ups each day than he did the previous day.

  • On the 2nd day he did 2 more than on the 1st day

  • On the 3rd day he did 3 more than on the 2nd day

  • On the 4th day he did 4 more than on the 3rd day

I hope this helps,
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