My name is Jennifer. I am a student and can't figure out a certain problem that my teacher gave me. I am in the 10th grade. The question is:

Give the image of (p,q) when translated by the vector (-5,2).

Please help me with this. Thank you.


Hi Jennifer,

Draw the vector as an arrow from the orogin and think of it as an action that moves every point in the direction of the arrow and a distance of the length of the arrow.

Thus the point (p,q) is moved five units to the left and two units upward, to the point S in the diagram. Hence the x-coordinate of S is 5 less than the x-coordinate of (p,q) and the y-coordinate of S is 2 units more than the y-coordinate of (p,q). That is S has coordinates (p - 5, q + 2).

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