My name is Jim and i am in 8th grade. I am a student!

at a high school 350 students took the math A exam. 82% passed the test. 40 students that failed the exam in june, took the exam in August. 70% of this group passed the August test. How many of the original 350 students have passed the exam before september?

can u tell me how to solve this and how to check my answer? thanks for your time!

Hi Jim,

82% is just another way to say 82/100. Thus 82% of 350 is

 82/100 x 350 = 287 Hence 287 students passed in June.

In August, 40 students wrote the test and 70% of them passed. Find 70% of 40 and add that to the 287 who already passes in June.

Paul and Penny
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