I am a civil engineering designer trying to design an egg shaped island. I want a 30' radius at the top and a 40' radius at the bottom and the longest length of the egg to be 125'. Is there standard geometry for an egg shape? I am not held to exact radii or the length given.

Thanks. Karen

Hi Karen,

Perhaps there is a standard way to produce general egg shapes; here is a way that is easy for somebody using a template with ellipses. Since the axes of an ellipse are perpendicular, it is easy to use one ellipse with a minor axis of length d on the left, and a second ellipse (or circle) whose axis is the same length d on the right. The egg below is half an ellipse on the left and a circle on the right. The result looks pretty good to me. In fact, you can join two ellipses at any point where their tangent lines match.

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