My name:Karyna

I am a high school student (12)


On one October morning, Julia rides her bike (at 12 miles per hour) from her home to her friend Ida's house; then the two of them walk (at 6 miles per hour) to work. If it takes an hour for Julia to go the 10 miles from her home to work, how far does she walk?

Thank you.

Hi Karyna,

I would start by drawing a diagram.

On the diagram I have marked the section that Julia travels at 12 mph and the section where she travels at 6 mph. The distance that she walks is the quantity desired so I called this distance x miles. Since the distance from home to work is 10 miles, the distance that she rode her bicycle is 10 - x miles.

In the second part of her trip she walks x miles at 6 mph. How long does she walk?

In the first part of her trip she rides 10 - x miles at 12 mph. How long does she ride?

The total of these two times is 1 hour so this gives an equation for x which you should be able to solve.

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