Name: Kim


s=2lw+2wh+2hl solve for h


Hi Kim,

I like the way you have asked this question. You have the expression

s = 2lw + 2wh + 2hl and you need to perform a sequence of legitimate algebraic steps to arrive at an expression of the form h = ? where ? has no h's in it.

The first step is to put all the terms with an h in them on the left side of the equal sign. You can do this by writin the equation

2lw + 2wh + 2hl = s. There is one term on the left with no h in it so I want to move it to the right side. You can do this by subtracting the same amount, 2lw, from both sides. That is 2lw + 2wh + 2hl - 2lw = s - 2lw which then simplifies to 2wh + 2hl = s - 2lw

On the left side now both terms have a factor of h. Thus you can take h out as a common factor to get

h(2w + 2l) = s - 2lw The final step to leave only h on the left side is to divide both sides by (2w + 2l).  h(2w + 2l)/(2w + 2l)s/(2w + 2l) or h = s/(2w + 2l) Cheers,

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