Name: Kristain

Who is asking: Student
Level: Middle

I have 6 digits. My hundred thousands is 1 less than my 1 digit, 8 greater than my thousands digit, twice my tens digit, and 4 times my hundreds digit. My ten thousands digit is 0. What # am I?

Hi Kristain,

Suppose that the number is

abcdef that is f is the units digit, e is the ten's digit, c is the hundred's digit, etc. The first clue then says a = f - 1 and the second clus says that a = c + 8

Since a is a one digit number, c can only be 0 or 1. If c were 1 then a would be 9 and the first clue would then make f = 10. But f is also a one digit number. Hence c must be 0.

Can you do the rest now?

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