Subject: PLease help this is for my class at sycamore elementary

Excuse me for taking your time but i had a question

why are there tens-tenths hundreds-hudreths, but not oneths

if that made no sense then how about this why does everything have two ways of saying things like tens and tenths but not a oneths

PLease answer my question as soon as possible sincerly Logan, 4th grade

Hi Logan,

There are oneths, called firsts, and twoths, called seconds. A tennis match in teams of one is called singles, and in teams of two it is called doubles; groups of two can also be called pairs, couples, duos... Small numbers are special in that way: they play many roles in our lives, so the names we have for them are more rich and varied, and they do not follow the same rules as the words we associate with much larger numbers. I may have nice memories about the first apple I ever ate, but there was nothing special about the 587th.


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