I hope can help me i'm checking my son's math home work but I don't understand this one. My son is in the 6th grade and my math skills are not good so please help me. This is the problem. There are 2 dogs one named major and the other jumbo. major weighs 100 pounds and jumbo 150 pounds. they eat dry dog food which comes in a 40-pound bag that cost $30. Together, major and jumbo eat a whole bag a week. major eats two fifths of the bag while jumbo eats the rest.How much would it cost to feed jumbo in february, which has 28 days? Thanks for what ever help you can give me.


Hi Lupe,

Since major eats two fifths of a bag a week, jumbo must eat three fifths of a bag per week. A bag costs $30 so to feed jumbo for a week costs  3/5 x $30 = $18. February is 28 days long and  28/7 = 4, thus there are exactly 4 weeks in February. Thus it costs 4 x $18 = $72 to feed jumbo in February.

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